a technocrafting company

Cosmo4, which was established in November 2017, is a Teknopark company in Çanakkale Technology Development Region with its experienced team that designs, develops and manufactures Science, Art, Technology based products.

Planetariums, Science Centers, Exhibition Areas, Interactive Museums, Theme Parks, Educational Technologies, Animation, Software, Artistic and Scientific Design are the main fields of activity of Cosmo4.

With it's strong interdisciplinary structure in terms of human resources, Cosmo4 continues to produce and realize successful projects in this wide range. The company offers expertise and unlimited creativity in various sectors with its team of architects, computer engineers, art history experts, software development experts, graphic and content designers, expert R&D personnels and academicians.

our mission

Cosmo4, aiming to develop the right science, the right art and the right technology, has brought together the experts who have achieved outstanding success in its field, and has taken on the task of transferring modern era technologies to its target audiences through its R & D activities.

Our company, primarily to increase the number of science centers in our country and the basic science in the field of qualified personnel trained in the field of employment to see the main tasks. It is proud to be instrumental in increasing the interest of young individuals to basic sciences to be educated in the science centers it has established in this way.

With the design of thematic exhibition areas and the production of exhibition products, our company aims to support a wide range of educational museums from interactive museums, especially to science centers, and envisages to become a manufacturer with its own patented products.

our vision

Our company, from individuals, primary and secondary education institutions, institutes from higher education institutions and so on. Consultancy in the provision of educational and research institutions, special provincial administrations and municipalities, various thematic science centers and interactive museum equipments within the ministries, technical equipment to be used in education and research institutions, determination of the needs of all customers and business partners and development of the products It undertakes. In addition, by following the developing technology all over the world, it is planned not to present its products to the domestic and world market.

Our company is managed by academicians who have a say in the field and with this feature in our country and in the world of science education and interactive museum areas has the vision to have a say with the products using advanced technology. In addition, our company operating in the field of art by increasing the use of art in the architecture of buildings, especially in public buildings, has been able to touch the spirit of the people of the country plans to be remembered as a company.

On the road that leads to Turkey's future, our aim is true science, true art and true technology to investigate, develop and implement.


modern problems require modern solutions

“Imagine a house that can fit the whole universe into it's ceiling. An ordinary house can't do that but there is something that can do; a planetarium...”

Science Centers
“To learn science, nature and technology by playing games, having fun, solving puzzles, willingly? It's really possible...”

“To create interactive social activity centers that innovate in science, art or technology...”

Interactive Museums
“Here is the history at your fingertips, in the palm of your hand, where your eyes can see it and your ears can hear it. So where are you?”

Theme Parks
“What park do you want to build? Biology Park? Ice Park? History Park? Presenting unlimited imagination in a park ...Theme parks...”

Educational Technologies
“To produce design, digitalized or workshop training materials that enable more efficient transfer of all types of training”

“Do you have a dream? Have an idea? Maybe a scenario? Let's animate...”

“A desktop program are you seeking? A mobile app or a web site maybe? We can bring life to ones and zeros...”

Artistic and Scientific Designs
“Boutique, scientific or artistic designs for your buildings, objects, projects, usage areas and materials...”

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Cosmo4 Bilim Sanat Teknoloji Ar-Ge Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Phone: +90 286 243 06 61
E-mail: info@cosmo4.com.tr

Branch Office: Barbaros mahallesi, Atatürk Caddesi, Kıyı AVM
No: 318/28 Merkez - Çanakkale

Workshop: İsmetpaşa Mahallesi, Küçük Sanayi Sitesi, 25. Sokak
No:3/8 Merkez - ÇANAKKALE

Headquarters: Sarıcaeli Köyü, Köyün Kendisi Köy Sokak, ÇOMÜ Teknopark
No: 276 Merkez - ÇANAKKALE